The Spell Forge

Game # 3 - Abridged Notes

When we rejoin the adventurers, they had been staying at the Sleeping Giant Inn after taking out the bandit brigade that had set out to hunt them down.

After a nights rest they decided to check with the Town Master, whom they had suspicions towards (and had hoped to seek a better reward from). Harbin Wester, the Townmaster, was not thrilled to see them, as he was concerned the actions of the adventurers had put a target on the town, and since he had already sent out a request for aid from Neverwinter.

After leaving the town master’s home, they sought information from Sister Gareael at the shrine of Tymora. She provided information that the Townmaster had been elected about four years ago, and that he had been hesitant to take action against the Redbrand earlier due to threats to his wife and young daughter.

Kepetim broke into the Townmaster’s house and found documents that showed that aid was on it’s way back from Neverwinter.

Afterwards, the group set off to the Redbrand hideout. Their search through the hideout clearly showed that what few bandits, including Iarno, remained – had fled. Further investigation of the hideout they found a group of Orcs who had been looking for Iarno. After failed attempts at diplomacy, they slaughtered the lot of them.

After slaying some skeletons and an otherworldly creature, they found the Red brand prisoners, a family who was ambushed on their way to Phandalin. Myrna and her two children were to be sold into slavery by brigands. As reward for saving them, she gave information on where an old family heirloom had been stored in the ruins of Thundertree.

Finally making their way to Iarno’s sanctum, they find that he has in fact, fled. However he left behind his alchemy kit and notes that showed the location of the Rockseeker’s camp.

Following a tunnel that took them out of the manor into the woods. They follow the map to where the camp was supposed to be. There they find Bagnar, Gundren’s brother. Who explains that after Gundren’s ambush, he had escaped to the camp, but didn’t realize he was followed. A group of orcs had taken Gundren and Gonthur and left Bagnar for dead.

After stabilizing Bagnar, the group headed north into the woods to an abandoned castle. After doing some reconnaissance around the outside, the group entered in through a southern entrance during the night.

After taking out a group of goblins that were cooking a fetid feast, the group moved from room to room slaying the orcs and goblins that were surprised by their presence.

And here is where we will join the party in the next adventure.


Aurick Aurick

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