The Spell Forge

Game 4 (1/2/2016)

Flamerule 27, 1489
Gameplay resumed with the characters deep within the Cragmaw Castle. They took the northern door and found themselves in a defiled temple to Ogmha. Waiting for them was the head Death Priest of Yurtrus, Lhupo. Lhupo, as well as some of the other Orcs, had found themselves losing faith in King Grol’s leadership, as he was working with humans and dark elves, and even allowing himself to be controlled by the dark elves. Yurtrus also had a prisoner, a Dwarf named Rhys who had been previously captured by an Orc war band but not a valid sacrifice as the Dwarf has already made a pact and his soul was no longer “pure”.
Lhupo made an offer, information and the dwarf if the party let him walk. During the negotiations, Kepitim snuck his way into the southern room, and found an old chapel. Once the party agreed to the terms, Sayden began untying Rhys, who in turn attacked Lhupo. Wanting to honor the deal, the group restrained Rhys and healed the wounds of Lhupo. During this brief exchange, Kepitim noticed a Grick lowering itself down from the ceiling during the commotion, and snuck his way back into the chapel. Dusting himself off, Lhupo left with his pet Grick.
Treasure within the chapel included a Golden Chalice, a Golden sacrificial knife, and a golden censer. In addition to this treasure, Thunk took one of the purple curtains and fashioned it into a cloak for himself.
Continuing through the Castle, Thunk smashed through a door, which surprisingly did not wake the sleeping orcs in the room to the right. Sayden and Makekis made short work of the Orcs through fire and lightning. Meanwhile, Kronik heard some voices behind the eastern door before them. Thunk prepared in front of the door to make an attack the moment that the door was opened. As the door was opened, Thunk kicked the door knocking the Orc opening it up, revealing King Grol, a Dark elf, and two Orcs.
Combat quickly ensued, with the party making a deal with the Dark Elf to aid in Grol’s defeat. A critical error on Grol’s part left his frost brand stuck in the door way as Makekis disarmed him. On his last legs, Grol conceded defeat. As the party questioned why he should be allowed to live, he offered to reveal Vynrith (the dark elf’s) plans. To which she promptly killed him.
Enraged at what was felt to be a betrayal, she explained that the offer had been she takes the map, and that they take the dwarves, nothing about leaving Grol alive. During this, Sayden could notice an unnatural quality to her, and realized she was not a Dark felt at all. With it’s guise broken, Vynrith revealed itself as a Doppleganger.
Makekis checked on Gonthur and Gundren, finding both of them safe in a closet in the northern tower. Dixit and Kronik took the map from Grol’s chair and magically modified it to prevent the Dark Elf from following to the Echo Cave. With the now modified map in hand, the Doppleganger took on the appearance of Grol and escaped.

Flamerule 28, 1489
Taking a rest in the castle, the final action the group took before leaving was to release an Owl Bear that had been trapped in the southern most tower.
Leaving the castle, along the way the group came upon a group of goblins that were tormenting a Blink Dog. The group quickly took out the goblins and Kronik befriended the surviving Blink Dog. From there the party made their way back to the Rockseeker Camp where the brothers were reunited. Gundren promised the group payment four-fold when they return to Neverwinter, but with the Rockseeker Camp compromised, they all decided to return to Phandalin.
Back in Phandalin, the group decided to split up: Thunk decided to visit Sister Garaelel, Sayden visited the Townmaster and Kaitlyn, Sepitim went to the bar, and Dixit, Rhys, Makekis, and Kronik, went to the Tressedan Manor to explore the rest of it and to get the alchemy supplies left previously.
Thunk spoke with the priestess, and accepted the quest to get the spell book or information on the spell book from the banshee Agatha. In addition, Garaelel stated that the Harpers may be interested in speaking with the party, due to their actions. After speaking with her, Thunk meditated some, and then went out walking.
Sayden had a visit with the Townmaster, which was unfruitful, and then visited with Kaitlyn, after his visit he caught up with Thunk and Sepitim.
Sepitim, joined a table of cards and made out with a couple of hundred silver. He also was able to find out from one of the prospectors about some gold that the prospector left in a cave. After getting this information, Sepitim also caught up with Thunk and Sayden. The three of them encountered Dixit’s familiar who explained that the rest of the party had been in trouble.
The remaining four had been exploring the ruins of the manor, and while most of the search was fruitless, they did come to a room where the bed had no dust on it, and the white wedding dress in the armoire was also equally clean. Rhys threw dust on to the bed, which enraged a ghost which attacked them. The sight of the horrible creature impacted Dixit, who aged 10 years from the sight. Rhys was attacked by a manipulated dress. Eventually, the four were able to eliminate the ghost as the rest of the party arrived. With that, the group was able to leave with a journal (slightly burned) that was written in an unknown language.
After all this, the group made their way to where Sepitim knew of the gold. Finding a small cave, it was currently home to an Ogre. After Makekis threatened it and left it to eat it’s deer, the group ambushed it and slew the beast, taking the gold in the cave.


Aurick Aurick

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