Kronk Coldforge

Mountain Dwarf Ranger


Long Bow

Enchanted Short Sword +1




By Marthammor’s watchful eye…

Kronk was the youngest son of the Clan SunForge’s Master smith, Krinnoc Sunforge, in a long line of master smiths and craftsmen. But he was also the least favored of his fathers son’s for his love. Of ‘outside’. Or outer space as his Da’ would call it.

At the young age of 10, he had exposed to the wide world above and longed to expore its reaches. To that end his fathers youngest brother Tuinx, Captain of the Sunforge scouts, took the young dwarf under his wing. Kronk received his fathers blessing to embrace the life as a scout and ‘outer space’ protector of the clan, just as long as he also continued his training in his forges. Kronk readily agreed and the next 40 years passed quickly.

Then the clan fell…

Then it became known that the SunForge clan had uncovered not just one vein of precious ore… but two. Mithril and Gold. The miners had dug deep and the entire clan rejoiced for weeks. The forges rang with the tools of the smiths and the treasures began making their way out into the world.

Kronk and his uncle began noticing that the various goblinoid tribes that they had been constantly battling seemed to withdraw deeper into their holes and things grew quiet. Too quiet. However, as the stories usually go… no shit, there I was…

In the end it would go down as one of the largest gobinoid attacks ever recorded. The mines fell, the clan fell, the forges silenced, the dwarf’s routed. The attacks came from above and below. Kronk never learned the name of the leader that had successfully robbed him of his home, his people and his name. But when he awoke, surprised to find him self drawing breath, but also to find himself in a house carved within a living tree, he was speechless.

It turned out that Phalin Treebeard was both his rescuer and healer. The famous Dwarven Ranger had arrived to late to the battle, but was able to kill off the scavengers as they worked their way through the dead to steal anything of value. He then worked through the piles of dead and before long came upon Kronks broken and unconscious form. Calling forth OINK his faithful battle boar, he put Kronk across the swines back and returned to his home.

In the world where magic heals in an instant Kronk was back to full health in days, but his spirit carried deeper wounds. As days turned to weeks, then months and finally a year, the repeated excursions and trips throughout the surrounding area’s proved that no other dwarf carrying the SunForge name could be found. All were deemed dead, the clan destroyed and only to be spoken about in the past tense.

Six months later, Treebeard kicked the young dwarf out with nothing but his armor, weapons and the basic provisions needed for a few days in the wild. It was time.

Over the next several years Kronk would always visit the elder dwarf on the anniversary of the attack. They would drink mead, trade stories and small gifts. They had become family.

Kronk staked out a portion of the great wood. As protector and guide. He fought battles alone and with the occasional group of adventurers. But he mostly remained alone. It was easier. No one to care about, but himself.

Unwilling to carry the SunForge name as long as it remained in goblin hands, he took the name Coldforge. He developed a reputation as a capable Ranger and respected for his blunt honesty.

One rainy day, while tracking a small band of goblins he came upon a camp of a dwarf named Gundren. The two spoke for a while and the merchant offered Kronk a fare wage to provide escort to a supply wagon that would be traveling to a distant mining town in the near future. There would be others in the party…

Maybe it was time to see if he was ready for … humanity … again.

Kronk Coldforge

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