Overland Travel

The following are the consolidated rules on overland travel


  • The assumption used for the below is that the party will travel for 10 hours, rest for 8 hours, and the remaining 6 hours is eating, foraging, setting up & breaking down camp.
  • The assumption is that the group is traveling on simple terrain (Roads or Open Plains)
  • The assumption is that the weather is favorable to traveling (e.g. Clear & Sunny or Light Rain)
  • The group is adopting a pace that over time is unaffected by any single members’ speed.


  1. Pace: When traveling overland, you can travel at a Slow, Normal, or Fast Pace. A slow pace allows for traveling of 18 miles during a day, normal pace is 24 miles during a day, and Fast is 30 miles a day.
  2. Forced March: The group can push themselves and travel beyond the normal 10 hours, however this requires a Constitution Save vs. DC 10+1/hour traveled at the end of every hour (i.e. DC 11 hour 1, DC 12 Hour 2, etc.)
  3. Fast Pace: Moving at Fast pace results in a -5 penalty to passive wisdom
  4. Normal Pace: Normal pace has no penalties or bonuses
  5. Slow Pace: Moving at Slow Pace allows the members to use stealth
  6. Difficult Terrain: Moving through difficult terrain (e.g. dense forests, steep mountains, icy roads) cut movement in half through that terrain.

Overland Travel

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